How to Use Hashtag on Social Media

After the introduction of hashtag by former google developer and San Francisco based Tech Expert Chris Medina in 2007, other social media started following it. Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn we can find a lot of hashtag use. Let’s delve into how hashtag actually works on different platform of social media. We have already discussed on How many hashtag should you use on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. Let’s discuss how you can use hashtag effectively in social media.

how to use hashtag on social media

Tips to Use Hashtag on Facebook

On Facebook, the idea is simple, it helps people to find easily the gossips and sayings about a specific topic and participate in public conversations. In other word, Facebook hashtags are just like tags which chiefly categorizes the topics of conversation among the users. Facebook has provided following general tips for the hashtags:

  1. Searching the specific hashtag from the search box.
  2. Clicking on hashtags, which directs you to the main page.
  3. Creating posts from the hashtag feeds and search results directly.

Tips to Use Hashtag on Twitter

On Twitter, the case is similar. When you tweet hashtag, it becomes clickable and turns blue. Anybody can find the hashtag and clicking on it directs to the main page where you will get to see the most recent and most popular tweets. So Twitterati, these days put hashtags in their tweet which categorizes their tweets and makes a lot easier for other users to find. Although hashtags could do wonderful job, some mistakes can lead it into undesired results. So, following are the tips you should consider.

  1. Be specific while choosing phrase hashtags. It should not be too broad and too specific; which will end resulting no or less attention.
  2. Do not use too many hashtags. The 280 characters in Twitter leave you less space for using more than 1 to 2 hashtags. Be strict and keep on mind that less is more.
  3. Choose the most relevant hashtags otherwise you will not get the attention you are seeking for. Using the hottest topic will get the attention but it must be appropriate or relatable to your content. We will suggest you to do a little research about which topic to use prior to the hash tagging.
  4. Use hashtag on existing words in order to save the space in your tweets.

Tips to Use Hashtags on Instagram

On Instagram, hash tagging is the fastest way to get more likes on your photos and videos and also more followers. Since Instagram has no specific section for hashtag user should add hashtags in the caption. But most user add hashtags on comment section after they post.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while adding hashtags on Instagram:

  1. Adding hashtag on comment section. Comment section is not visible on Instagram unless you the click to see entire. So, the visible captions with more hashtags, can look spam leaving bad impression on user. This will deviate their attention. So, if you add hashtags on comment section instead of putting them on caption you will get more comments and you can avoid spam looking post.
  2. Add the most relevant and popular hashtag to get more attention. The trendiest hashtag will get more interaction. So, using the most frequently searched hashtag will make your photos and videos easy discoverable.
  3. Use third party app to get more likes. Some third party apps track helps you to find the most popular hashtags being trendy on Instagram which you can use on your posts. Apps like “Tag for likes” will do the great job.
  4. Weekdays and throwback hashtag are more popular among the Instagram users. This is a great way to get attention to your post because it puts you into the large conversation.

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