How to Register a Hashtag? – Deals with Hashtag Issues

After the introduction of Hashtag by Chris Medina, on 2007, categorizing and organizing the subject matter of one’s interest on social media has been different. Similarly, finding someone talking about same topic you are up to and knowing their thoughts and views have been easier. Just adding a # (pound) sign before your keyword turns that words to link. Clicking on that link takes you to a large conversation room where you will see people with same interest as you are engaged on same hashtag. Here we are discussing on how to register a new Hashtag and dealing with Hashtag Issues.

Everyone can create hashtags. Popularity of hashtag depends on keywords and phrases you choose. Your hashtag will likely to get more interaction if you select one of the burning issues of day to day life. It may be something like football matches, movies, news or even music. It connects you to the lots of people with same interest.

how to register hashtag

You can register your hashtag but it does not mean that it’s always your own, other can also use your hashtag. But there always remains your claim over the hashtag which puts you to the main hashtag directory, and lets you to go in depth about why the hashtag is created for and its purpose.

Registering a hashtag needs the following basic steps:

  1. Create your own Hashtag. Choose the most relevant topic for your hashtag. Do not make it too much lengthy and also too short. Making long hashtag gives the spammy look while short hashtags are broad and hard to find.
  2. Do a small research first on the platform of social media you are going to use the hashtag. This gives idea if the hashtag you want to use is already being used or not. Instead of searching for a word; go for the phrase.
  3. Register your hashtag via the hashtag tracking software/tools. Using the tools like Twubs or Hashtagify for registering hashtag lets the other user know that the particular hashtag is being used. But this will not stop someone from using the hashtag you have created.
  4. Use the hashtag most frequently to do better performance. Otherwise there is no point on registering or not registering a hashtag, if you use it less often. It is okay if are only one to use it in the beginning. Still it is attracting some people on the conversation room you have created through the hashtag. You can always publicize your hashtag on social media by introducing it either to your friends, followers or someone who has the same interest as you. You can also encourage them to use the same hashtag.

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What Can I do If Hashtag not working ?

Hashtag is a very powerful tool making easier for people to connect with different channel of social media. It enables user with greatest engagement and experience with social media. It’s a great way to connect people having similar interest.

However, things don’t go right always. Sometimes, hashtags don’t work, which is annoying. You already have spent an hour finding matching hashtags for your content; and that are not working in Instagram. It’s frustrating. Here are two reasons why your tags are not working:

  • Using Banned Hashtag. There are number of band hashtags on internet; using them can lower the performance of your content or sometimes your posts will not even just appear. So, it’s always a better idea to check the list of banned hashtags before using one. For example, Instagram blocks hashtag with sexual contents, violence. Sometimes jargons with ambiguous meaning might get banned on Instagram.
  • Using limited hashtags sometime can affect the performance of your post. Although they aren’t banned, it can affect how your photo pop out in search bar. It categories your post differently. So you should be careful before including such tags in your posts.

Dealing with the issues

To not let your photo disappear from social media, first thing you should do is just not using the banned hashtags. You should be well aware about the banned hashtags, so that your post won’t appear in wrong places. So, doing hashtags wisely avoids your posts being caught by the spam filters. 

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