How to Recover Gmail Password – Enabling Two Step Verification

Are you frustrating with your Old Gmail account password? then you are on right place here you can get the possible solution about how to recover your forgot Gmail password. Google is a multidimensional company that offers wide range of products and services. Gmail is a integrates with other Google services such as Google Calendra, Google Calendra, Google drive etc. and it has a great features like Out of Office Auto reply, Schedule emails etc. Users can access their Gmail accounts through the Gmail website or through the Gmail app on their mobile devices.

Here we are trying to give a possible solution to recover Gmail accounts and Reset Old Gmail password for faster performance.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail Password

Losing Gmail account password is frustrating and stressful experience. If you are unable to access your Gmail account or forgotten Gmail password then there are a few ways that helps you to recover your old Gmail account. You may also recover your Gmail password without your phone number too.

1. Visit account recovery page (

2. Enter your Email address

3. If you want to try or guess your password then just enter the password otherwise you can click on “Try another way” option.

recover forgot gmail password

4. Now enter the mobile number which is associated with your Gmail account then you will get a verification code in your mobile to reset your Gmail account

get verification code for gmail password

5. If you don’t have a mobile number or lost your device then just click on “I don’t have my phone”

6. Now answer your security question which was chosen at the time of Gmail account creation

recover gmail password using security question

7. If you forgot your answer of your security question then you can try another way to recover your Gmail account

8. Now you have to confirm the recovery email you have added to your Gmail account then Google will send a verification code to reset your Gmail password

Still, you are unable to recover your old Gmail account then just try follow steps

1. Use a device like computer, phone or tablet or browser where you frequently sign in your account before

2. Be in a location where you usually login in

3. If you are not sure about the password and security questions then just try your best guess without fear of uppercase and lowercase letters

If you are unable to recover your password or account using these methods, you may need to contact Google support for further assistance.

How to recover permanently deleted emails?

This is to inform you that once you deleted Gmail messages then it stays in Trash for 30 days. So, it is very easy to recover deleted Gmail messages from the Trash folder.

But after 30 days, messages are permanently deleted from the Trash and it will not possible to recover Gmail messages. But it will recover from Admin console if you have an access right of Admin because admins have 25 more days to restore deleted email messages.

Enabling Two Step Verification

Two-step verification add additional security layer to your Gmail account which helps to protect Google Account. When you enable two-step verification on Gmail, yosu will need to provide a verification code (you will receive this code in your mobile phone) after your password sign in to your account. Two-step verification helps to protect your google data from unauthorized access to your account, even if someone else knows your password. It’s a good idea to enable two-step verification on your account to help keep your personal information and data secure, just follow the below steps.

  • Open Manage your Google Account(
  • Move your cursor to Security tab
  • Just click on 2-Step Verification
  • Get Started and follow the instructions.

Now verify your Gmail account then Two Step Authentication is enabled to your account

To protect the Gmail account from unauthorized access please change your Gmail passwords frequently. Follow the below steps to change your Gmail account password on Android, iOS device and Laptop.

How to Change Gmail Password on Android

  • To change your Google Account password on Android:
  • Go to your Google Account settings by signing in to your account and selecting the “Security” tab.
  • Under “How you Sign in to Google” select “Password” option. You need to sign in again.
  • Enter your new password and select “Change Password.”
  • If you are unable to change your password or need further assistance,
  • you can visit the Google Account Help Center or contact Google support for assistance.

Change Gmail Password on iPhone

To change your password on an iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Gmail app and tap your profile picture or initial at the top right of the screen. Select “Google Account.” If you don’t use Gmail, go to
  • Tap “Personal info” at the top of the screen.
  • Under “Basic info,” tap “Password.”
  • Enter your new password and tap “Change Password.”

Note: When you enter your password on a mobile device, the first letter is not case sensitive. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance changing your password, you can try visiting the Google Account Help Center or contacting Google support for assistance.

How to Change Gmail Password on Laptop/Computer

  • Open your Google Account. You must need to sign in your Gmail account to change Gmail password.
  • Click on “Manage your Google Account” under the icon at right top corner.
  • Click on “Security” tab.
  • Now choose Password option. You might need to sign in again.
  • Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

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