Most Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Laptop

Are you planning to buy a new laptop? If yes then there are several important factors that you need to consider to ensure that you going to buy the best laptop for your needs. There are lots of brands like Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft, Apple etc. comes up with great specifications but not only brand specified the good laptop so you must think important factors to consider when purchasing a new laptop, which are discussing below. Before buying a new laptop consider two main concerns;

  • Who are you (student, teacher, researcher, gamer) and purpose of laptop.
  • Budget, how much budget you have allotted for laptop

Buying a laptop depend upon your needs. Here are some most important factors to consider when purchasing a new laptop.

factors to consider while buying a laptop

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Laptop


The processor is the brain of the computer and is responsible for controlling all the components of computer and run all of the software smoothly on your laptop. Laptop with fast and powerful processor to ensure that your laptop can handle larger demanding tasks and multitasking and boost the performance of your laptop. Here we have categories available Processors in market as low cost and high cost processors which helps you to decide which processor is best as per your need and budget.

Low-cost processors:High-cost processors:
Intel Celeron: Intel Celeron processors are budget-friendly options, they are suitable for basic tasks such as web browsing, email and document editing not suitable for heavy work.  
AMD A-series: The AMD A-series processors are also budget-friendly options, they offer good performance for everyday tasks and some light gaming.  
Intel Pentium: Intel Pentium processors are also a budget-friendly options, they offer basic performance for everyday tasks and some light gaming.  
Intel Core i3: The Intel Core i3 processors have good performance and also budget friendly.
Intel Core i9: The Intel Core i9 12th generation processor is latest and offering the fastest performance and the most cores (up to 18). It is ideal for heavy tasks such as image processing, video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming.  

AMD Ryzen 9: The Ryzen 9 is a great alternative to Intel i9, it offers super performance and more cores than Intel i9, it is suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming.  

Intel Core i7:
The Intel Core i7 is a step down from the i9, but still, it offers excellent performance. It has up to 8 cores.  



Memory, or “RAM”, is another important factor to consider when buying a laptop. More RAM means that your laptop can run more programs at once without slowing down. DDR4 (Double data rate fourth generation) is a standard memory designed as a faster and more reliable than DDR3. Minimum of 4GB of RAM is required for personal use. If you are researcher, student, teacher then 8GB RAM is sufficient for you and you may extend up to 16/32GB if needed. If you are Gamer the minimum of 16GB RAM is suitable for you.  If you are a Gamer then please click here to view best RAM for gaming.


The amount of storage is important for running operating system, storing your day-to-day documents. If you need more storage with faster processing then you can use 256GB SSD to run operating system and 1 TB HDD to store data otherwise you can use 512 SSD/1TB SSD. But this is to inform that SSD is more expensive than HDD.

Display (Size and Resolution):

This is the one of the most important factors while buying a new laptop, it includes screen size, resolution and quality of the laptop’s display. A higher resolution means sharper and high-quality images. Laptop is a mobile computing so it can be easily carried out from one place to another so for portable laptop between 11 inches to 14 inches is best. But for the official use laptop screen size between 15 inches and 17 inches.


Graphics card helps you to improve the visualize of your laptop and playing games. Most of the laptops comes with the integrated graphics card which fulfills your basic needs but if you need more graphics then you can add on it. Here are listing some graphics cards as low cost and high cost which helps you choose which graphics card when you buying a new laptop.

Low-cost graphics cards for laptop
(Built it Graphics)
High-cost graphics cards for laptop:
Intel HD Graphics: Intel HD Graphics are built-in graphics that comes up with many laptops. They are suitable for performing basic tasks but may not provide enough power for gaming or analyzing heavy duty task.  

NVIDIA GeForce MX-series: The NVIDIA GeForce MX-series are budget-friendly graphics cards that offer better performance for your everyday tasks and light graphics need gaming.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series: The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series is the latest and most powerful graphics card for laptops, offering excellent performance for gaming and analysis image and large data.  
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16-series: The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16-series is a step down from the RTX 30-series, but it offers good performance for gaming and creative work.  
AMD Radeon RX 6000-series: The AMD Radeon RX 6000-series is a great alternative to NVIDIA graphics cards; it offers better performance and suitable for gaming and other heavy-duty work.  

Battery life:

Battery life is an important factor to consider, especially if you plan on using your laptop at office and lab then you will want at least 7-18 hours battery life and for Gaming laptop, it is best to have your laptop battery life between 3 and 4 hours.

Brand, warranty and customer service:

As per my experience, I am considering this factor as most important factor to consider when buying a new laptop because customer service and maintenance is the most important thing. For example if you buying a new branded laptop from other country and respective brand have no any service center in your city or town then it will require high cost to maintain and laptop accessories are difficult to found. A good customer service and warranty will protect you against defects and help you if you have any issues with your laptop.

Here are the top 10 best laptop brands available on market, based on overall performance, design, build quality and customer support:


Note that, above list is based on current market trends and customer reviews and it may change over time, as the technology and industry are always evolving. Also, the ranking may vary based on the specific use-case, budget and personal

Price and value:

More price, more features. Features of laptop fully depends upon the cost. Price also determines the durability and build quality of a laptop. If you have less budget then you have to make some compromises on some features of laptop and it also depends on your needs. 

Operating systems:

There are different operating systems (Windows, MacOS) available for computers and laptops. Windows is the most popular operating system while Apple products (laptop, computer) uses MacOS. If you are a gamer then windows OS is preferred to MacOS while MacOS is more secured and faster than Windows so, it all depends on your needs and preference which OS you want to use.

Other factors

The above mentioned are the most important factors to consider while purchasing a laptop. If you have fulfilled all the factors then you may consider other factors which make your laptop experience better.

  • Keyboard Quality
  • Touchpads
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Audio
  • Ports

If you need further guide to purchasing a laptop, please feel free to ask. Leave your comment below we will response you.

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