How to Enable Auto Reply on Outlook ? – Send Automatic Out of Office Replies

Outlook email service is owned by Microsoft, the most trusted company. Lots of Organization or schools/colleges get the Email services for their organization. Due to COVID 19 Outlook users are increased and it provides the lots of features to all kinds of Users. Pay as you go model or Free services are available. Generally, Microsoft provides the 15 GB of storage for email service. If you are using the Outlook email service for a long time and don’t know about the Auto Replies features like as Gmail vacation responder auto reply service then you are in right place to know details about how to enable or disable auto replies on also known as Out of Office reply on Outlook.

You are on vacation and you want to inform your clients or colleague then Outlook auto reply features is best for you. When someone email you then it can auto respond to them. But before that you must have to do some configuration in your Outlook account. Here we are discussing Enable Outlook auto reply for both Mobile and Desktop users. Firstly, let’s discuss about Web clients.

How I Send Automatic Out of Office Replies in Outlook ?

1. Open Outlook ( with your Microsoft account and click on Setting then view all setting.

2. Scroll down to “Automatic Replies” option.

Enable Auto Reply on Outlook

3. Turn on the Automatic replies on

configure out of office auto reply

4. “Enter the start and end dates in the “Start time” and “End time” fields to specify the time frame during which you want the auto reply to be active or your vacation time periods”

5. Type the message you want to respond to email sender.

6. When you are finished, click on the “OK” button.

Configure Auto Reply on Outlook Desktop App

1. Open Desktop Outlook App and sign in with your Outlook account.

2. You’ll see the setting gear icon in left bottom corner then just tap on this.

Outlook Desktop App Auto Reply

3. Now auto replies option will be visible.

4. Now Enable Send Auto Reply option and do accordingly.

Mobile users are increasing day by day because it’s portable and easy to use any mobile application anywhere. Outlook mobile app provide the lots of features like Calendar, Email, search and also integrated with the Office apps.  Out of office reply is the best feature which helps to send auto respond to your email when you are vacation, you have two options either you can send auto reply to everyone or only to your organization contacts.

Enable Outlook Out of Office Reply on Mobile App

1. Open Outlook app and sign in with your Outlook email account details

2. Scroll down to bottom of the app and tap on setting

Outlook mobile App Auto Reply

3. It will display the list of all the Outlook account and tap on the account which you want to enable auto replies

4. Under the Description, you will see Automatic replies status off, Tap on this and enable

5. Now Set Time, Subject and Message then click on tick mark.

Same process follows to disable Auto Replies on Outlook account in your Android device.

Configure out of office reply on iPhone

  1. It is very easy to enable Outlook auto replies option on iPhone. Just follow the below instructions.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the Outlook mail account you want to setup.
  4. Enable Automatic Replies.
  5. Choose whether to send replies to everyone or only to people within your organization. If you choose to send replies to everyone, you can also choose to use different messages for external and internal recipients.
  6. Click the check mark to confirm settings.

After you have configured automatic reply in your Outlook account then anyone who emails you during the designated time period will receive the message you have set up. This helps to inform your contacts of your availability and allows them to plan accordingly.

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