How to Add Facebook Messenger Live Chat Plugin in WordPress Site?

Today, users need instant reply in response to their query. Most of the service-based websites enable the live chat features to communicate with customers. The available employee of their company can response on customer queries. But there is the official Facebook live chat plugin for WordPress which you can easily configure in your WordPress site. The Facebook live chat plugin makes it easier for your website visitors to connect with you and ask you a query even if they are not a Facebook user. This article helps you to set up or add Facebook messenger live chat plugin in your WordPress website.

If you have a website and you want to give your visitors a way to contact you using messenger chat then you can do that easily. Once you added messenger bot to your website then anyone who can visit your website can directly contact you through the Facebook chat bot. Before add Facebook live chat Messenger plugin to WordPress site, you have to create a professional/business Facebook page where visitors can contact you.

How Facebook Chat Messenger Plugin works
  • When you setup Facebook messenger on your website then website pop up the Messenger icon. Users can just click on that icon
  • They type their queries and send to you.
  • you’ll receive this message to your Business Facebook page messenger
  • Then when you reply to the visitors then visitor will get your message in your website

Step 1: Set up a Facebook Page Messenger chat plugin in your Facebook Page

Without Facebook page, you are unable to configure Facebook live chat plugin in your WordPress or any other website. You just create the Facebook page and follow below steps to set up Facebook live chat plugin to WordPress site.

1. Go to and login with your Facebook Account details

2. Now switch into a page that you want to create a chat plugin.

3. In left menu, under the More tools, Meta Business Suite will be visible just click on that icon

facebook messenger live chat setting

4. Click on the Inbox option which is visible in the left corner menu.

5. In top menu, move your mouse corner to setting icon and then click on View all settings.

facebook chat plugin for website

6. Now you will see the Messenger URL which helps people to direct conversation with you. Now click on Chat Plugin option as shown in the below figure.

set up chat plugin

Configure Facebook Chat Plugin to your WordPress site by following below few simple steps

You can add automated response messages to frequently asked questions (Visit this page: How to set up auto response reply on Business Facebook page). And set a Greeting message, welcome message to invite users to chat or conversation.

In right corner, Preview of Messenger chat plugin will be displayed

When you click on the set up option you will display all the available setup method according to your website. Here we are discussing set up Facebook page chat messenger plugin to WordPress.

7. Scroll down to Customize your Chat Plugin. Using this option, you can change the color, alignment, button display, icon style of Chat plugin according to your Business website.

8. Click on Publish once you have completed all the configuration

Step 2: Install and Active Facebook Chat Plugin in WordPress site

We have already configure Facebook chat plugin in Facebook page now it’s time to move to your website.

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click on the Plugins under the Appearance menu

3. Now click on Add New plugin

4. Now search for a Messenger or Facebook chat as shown in the below figure.

official facebook live chat plugin for wordpress

Now official Facebook Chat Plugin (By Meta) will be displayed.

5. Click on the Install then Active the Plugin

6. Under the Installed plugin move your cursor to Facebook Chat Plugin – Live Chat Plugin for WordPress which you have just installed then click on Setting

7. Click on Setup Chat Plugin

8. Choose a page target for plugin then click on Continue

9. Now your Chat plugin will be displayed and you can also customize it using the given options

10. Click on Publish button

Visit your website to see the Facebook live chat messenger plugin and try it. Now Messenger chat is successfully added to your website. There is no chance to lose connection with your customer or audience. If a visitor wants to contact you then they just click on the icon and send the queries. You will receive the notification when visitor send you a message. Now visitors can directly chat with you.

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